Plow Day Fever

Garden Tractor Plowing!


Unfortunately the time has come when I no longer have the resources (time mostly) to maintain the site.  Those who visit here have noticed new content has been sparce for the last few years.  We will be letting the domain name expire at the end of 2018.  We will not be providing updated content from this point out.  It has been alot of fun having the site as a place to reference good times with friends and document some of my own projects.   I would like to say thanks for everybody that has stopped by and talked to me at plow days and mentioned how much the site means to them.   I really enjoyed meeting new friends and finding old ones at each event.  I will still try to make events when I can as I still have a little plow day fever left in me.  Look for me on the red 782.  

Best regards
  - Rick

The site was last updated on Nov 13, 2018.