Plow Day Fever

Garden Tractor Plowing!

    Cub Cadet model 1050.  The model number 1050 was first used in 1989 on the base model Cub Cadet at that time.  Later the name 1050 was used on  Cub Cadets which were lawn tractors and carried the 1050LT designation.   The 1050LT was not specified for ground engaging work as the 1989 1050 was.  

The 1050 was built for one year, 1989 and was powered by a Kohler Magnum 10hp single cylinder engine.   The Magnum 10 used the same cast iron block which Kohler had been producing for the previous two decades.  As a base model GT, the 1989 1050 had no headlights, no tailights and no gauges.  These tractors were gear driven and had an electric PTO clutch.

This particular tractor now has a cast iron rear from a Cub Cadet 1200 and a Kohler Magnum 14 engine.  Oddly the 10hp engines seemed to be a little harder to find than the Magnum 12's or Magnum 14's at the time I was collecting parts.  The original 1050 GT motor mount system was retained.  This is different from previous ISO mounted single cylinder Cubs as there is no engine cradle.

Its first plow day was October 15, 2011 and it performed better than expected.  The wheels are not loaded with fluid.  The 8.50 Carlisle ags did have 50lb plastic wheel weights for the maiden voyage.

The pictures below were an exercise for a youngster to find out how a Cub Cadet goes together.  It was eventually torn back down and rebuilt with a proper gear drive trans and original 1050 sheet metal and matching plastic dash.

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784 * 596
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