Plow Day Fever

Garden Tractor Plowing!

    Cub Cadet 982.  This is the first model of garden tractor to be called the 'Super Garden Tractor'.  The 982 was first offered by International Harvester.  The model was carried over when Cub Cadet Corporation purchased the whole Cub Cadet line from International Harvester.  The 982 was the first to use the Onan 19.9hp two cylinder engine.  Available options were steering brakes and dual spool hydraulic lift.   All 982's were hydrostatic driven.  The 1912 and 1914 later replaced the 982 and were virtually identical to a fully optioned 982.

This particular 982 was built in 1983 and is one of the later versions with the aluminum transmission which Cub Cadet Corporation introduced.  The 982 was the first model to bring back the external disk brakes which many Cubs from the early 1970's had.

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