Plow Day Fever

Garden Tractor Plowing!


My first plow day experience.  

Playschool should make something called 'my first plow day' because it is just that much fun.  When you get to your first one you feel like a two year old with a new toy ready to play in the dirt with it.   Unfortunately you're not a two year old.  You are actually a grown adult that has driven hours to get to plow day so you can play in the dirt with other grown-ups.  You need to get a grip and remain calm.

The first plow day that I attended was the Northern Ohio Plow Day in the fall of 2006.  I had been reading about past events on the internet and talking about plow days with a local Cub Cadet enthusiast.  I decided this was something that I had to try at least once.

I had previously purchased a Cub Cadet 149 when I decided to get into the garden tractor hobby.  This would be the base for putting together a ground engaging machine.  My family has had Cub Cadets since the 1960's so I decided on a Cub Cadet because I had always thought they were capable machines with heritage and class.  The decision was made to start assembling the proper pieces to attach a plow to my beloved 149.  After purchasing a used Brinly 10" moldboard plow from a Cub Cadet enthusiast in Louisville Kentucky and buying the proper Brinly adapter for my Cub, I was ready to give this plow day thing a try.

The Northern Ohio event was communicated to the garden tractor community via the web site.  I decided that I would know enough people in attendance that I wouldn't feel too bad once folks figured out that I knew absolutly nothing about plowing.  My family had not farmed since the days of my great grandfather.  I was going to be the first of my family to turn dirt in three generations.

This particular event was, as promised, full of people I had met on the various garden tractor web sites.  West Independence Ohio is a three and a half hour trek from our suburban home in Northern Kentucky.  Once you get there you don't just go home in an hour.  This is an event!  I brought my son and two tractors.  One was a Cub Cadet Original which rode in the back of my pickup truck.  The other was the Cub Cadet 149 which was, for all I knew, plow ready.  The 149 managed a spot on a friend's  trailer for the trip up and back.   I had not yet purchased my own trailer at this point.  To this day I am very grateful for the assistance afforded to me by this simple deed.

Arrival at the plow field gave rise to feelings you only get at the end of a good movie when the bad guys are in jail and the good guy gets the girl.   I had made it to my first plow day.  And with my own tractor to use!  Folks began to arrive and like guys do, we all started going from tractor to tractor looking for hints, tips, and comparing notes.


Plow ready Cub Cadet 149 in 2006

Picture of my 1972 Cub Cadet model 149 ready to plow at the Northen Ohio Plow Day in 2006.  Just for reference, I had borrowed a 12hp Kohler and plowed for two days with it.  Never missed a beat.  12hp is plenty for a plow day.  This tractor now has the proper 14hp K321 Kohler engine and is a real fun machine.