Plow Day Fever

Garden Tractor Plowing!

                    What is a plow day and why would I ever in a million years wish to attend one?

Well, 'cause it's fun!  

What is a plow day?

noun -
A plow day is a day or group of days where one or more individuals assemble themselves for the purpose of turning, breakup up, or working soil with a plow.

For a plow day, you bring your garden tractor configured with a moldboard plow and sharpen your skills and knowlege regarding it's setup and proper use.

Believe it or not, this is not as simple as it sounds.   Creating a nice smooth furrow is the goal of attending one of these events.  It is not something that happens without at least some effort.  Most of us have to attend a plow day (or two) to figure out how to get their tractors and plows dialed in.  To add to the challenge, there are variables which effect the tune of your rig.  Hard dry ground will require more point.  Some plows require the moldboard to be turned more left or right depending agian on soil conditions and the individual tractor.  It is desirable to have a clean straight furrow where dirt doesn't fall back into the hole behind you.  Often dirt falls back in your furrow because you are not going fast enough, going too fast, or the furrow wall breaks up due to lack of use of a Coulter.  With the assistance of experienced attendees you will have your plow dialed in and having fun.